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9th May 2015 by (3rdID)Steverinoo in Punkbuster
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Hello All,

Please note the following message from Gameservers, our TeamSpeak address has changed!

We are migrating your voice server to a new machine on Tuesday, April 17th between 11:00am and 12:00pm EDT (3pm and 4pm GMT) You should be using the hostname for your service ( or If you utilize this, you should not see a significant disruption. However, if you have difficulty connecting after the maintenance window, you can temporarily use the new IP: Please note, the old IP ( will no longer work once the migration is complete. All data will be moved, so there should be no data loss during the migration. Thank you, and have a good day.

Please do not forget to edit your bookmark for the 3rd ID to:

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"Rock of the Marne"
Below Provided by Lifetime Member Raider

It all began during World War I when the newly-formed 3rd Division (later re-designated as the 3rd Infantry Division) was in France as part of the American Expeditionary Force. The division's 28,000 Soldiers arrived on Europe's shores prepared to defeat the last wave of German offensives.

At Chateau-Thierry, as French troops retreated from the German onslaught, men of the 7th Machine Gun Battalion of the 3rd Division were rushed to Chateau-Thierry and set up a defensive position along the Marne River.

Maj. Gen. Joseph Dickman, the division commander, issued his famous order in French, "Nous resterons la" ("We're staying there!". The rest of the division moved into position along the Marne, and on July 15, took the brunt of what was to be the last German offensive of the war.

As units on either side of the division were driven back, men of the 30th and 38th Regiments held their positions, defeating the Germans' bid for victory.

This feat of arms, in which they stood their ground like a rock at the Marne, was called by Gen. John "Blackjack" Pershing " of the most brilliant pages in the annals of military history" and earned the 3rd Infantry Division it's nickname: "The Marne Division".
History and photos taken from the Home of the 3rd, Fort Stewart website .

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